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Cat urine on your carpet? Keep calm & spray urineFREE.

Have you have tried removing cat urine stains from your carpets or other surfaces in your home but feel like you can still smell the lingering smell of cat urine? Cat urine odour comes from the uric acid crystals that form 3 or more days after the cat urinates. 
There are a lot of products on the market claiming to get rid of urine odours, but many of them contain toxic synthetic fragrances that can cause or exacerbate sensitivities in both people and cats. urineFREE’s non-toxic bio-enzymatic formula specifically targets and destroys the non-soluble cat urine crystals responsible for the strong cat odour, removing cat odour caused by cat spray for good.

Regular detergents are ineffective

Most standard cleaning products including stain removers or strong sanitising and disinfecting chemicals simply don’t remove urine stains and odours completely.

They will only mask the odour temporarily, as they coat or encapsulate the non water-soluble uric acid crystals responsible for the smell; but do not remove it.

Uric acid crystals embed themselves into the carpet fibres and remain to leave permanents stains and lingering odours.

Burn marks on carpets

Old urine stains will have greater exposure to the urine and the acidity of the uric acid crystals.

In some carpets & rugs, especially wool blends, this can cause irreversible burn marks that have actually discoloured the carpet/rug. urineFREE will remove the urine stain and smell but not the burn marks.

This is why we encourage removing urine as soon as possible for all surfaces, only using a bio-enzymatic product such as urineFREE to remove the urine for good.

How to remove cat urine from carpets & more

To remove offensive cat odour, simply spray the area with urineFREE. No scrubbing or washing is necessary. 

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