Pet urine on concrete pavers? Keep calm — our urine remover can fix it.

Outdoor flooring, whether concrete, pavers or decking, are often an area where pets will come to urinate, leaving you to deal with the unpleasant smell. If your cat or dog have had a little (or multiple) accident(s), you don’t have to live with the lingering smell of urine and the stain for ever: urineFREE can help to get you rid of it permanently.

urineFREE is a powerful odour & stain remover that can be applied to concrete and pavers. Formulated with bio enzymes, it is 20% more concentrated than other products.

Conventional cleaners and water will not break down the non-soluble uric acid crystals (the main culprit when it comes to the odour) and they will remain in your floors. Only a bio-enzymatic formulation like the one found in urineFREE will remove uric acid crystals for good. urineFREE’s bio-enzymatic action is designed to “eat” these crystals along with the water soluble components of urine.

Don't use regular detergents

If you have used another chemical or detergent based product to try to remove the urine before urineFREE, these chemicals may have removed the soluble urea and urochrome components of urine but have no impact on the non-soluble uric acid crystals. These detergents also coat or encapsulate the uric acid crystals making it difficult for urineFREE to penetrate. It is recommended that all other chemical and detergent based products are removed to maximise the effectiveness and results with urineFREE.

How much product to use?

The amount of product you are going to need depends on the amount of urine that has been deposited and the porosity of your floors.

A dog (depending on size) can urinate anywhere between 200-2000ml each day — therefore we cannot recommend an exact quantity as every case is different. 

If your pet is going to revisit this area, complete removal can be costly but regular maintenance will help reduce the long term odours. 

or your money back

How to remove urine from concrete or outdoor pavers

Concrete surfaces are porous, requiring liberal application of urineFREE with delayed evaporation.

If the uric acid crystals in the urine have discoloured or edged the surfaces, this change is unfortunately irreversible. Like bleach to clothing, the uric acid crystals given too much dwell time can cause some surfaces to discolour and/or burn.  Immediate treatment on these surfaces with urineFREE is recommended.

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