By Dan

Aug 12 2019

The incredibly strong odour of cat urine can make any homeowner who has carpet cry. The smell makes breathing unpleasant, and even worse, the area where your cat urinated leaves a “mark”. This calls your cat back to the same spot to urinate again and again.

Here’s how to clean cat urine and get rid of the smell forever. 

Find the spot

Use a black light to help you find the place your kitty has been urinating. Black lights reveal all kinds of bodily fluids, from urine to blood. When it’s dark, turn off all the lights but the black light. The spots where the cat has urinated will show up. Simply mark these areas with something your cat won’t be able to move, like a heavy rock, and remove the urine stains overnight. 

Kill that smell

Very few things can smell as bad as cat urine drying on your carpet. There are many products available on the market that claim to remove the smell of the urine and it’s become a hot market. However for permanent removal of urine stains and odours only specific enzyme based urine odour removers will work. These remove both the smell and the stain that has been left on your carpet. Detergents and chemicals don’t work on cat urine. They simply remove the water soluble parts of the urine, the urochrome and urea but leave the uric acid crystals behind. The only products that can remove all urine are bio-enzymatic products like urineFREE. 

Get tough

A vacuum that allows you to steam clean your carpet will let you give your carpets a deep clean right to the padding. Before you steam clean your carpet, ensure that the stain and urine are completely removed to avoid spreading it or pushing the deposit even deeper into the padding under the carpet. 

When you are completely sure that the stain has been thoroughly removed, use the steam cleaner on the spots. Use only water and go over the areas slowly and repeatedly.

Get it all

However you decide to remove the smell of cat urine from your carpet, make sure that you are thorough and completely remove all traces of it. This point can’t be stressed enough. If your cat gets the tiniest whiff of urine from that spot, instinct will have your cat urinating there again. Having to do all that work all over again is as frustrating as having to do it in the first place. Try to block the room off to keep you cat out until it’s completely cleaned and the urine smell has been removed.

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Dan Lassen is the Managing Director of Start Bio-Solutions — an Australian based company that specialises in environmentally friendly and non-toxic cleaning products. Being a family man, Dan is all too conscious of the amount of harmful chemicals used in and around the home and has made it his mission to help everyday families live in a more toxic free environment.


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