Public transport by sea is very much a fact of life for many travellers. Sydney Ferries, for example, operates approximately 175,000 services transporting more than 14 million people across Sydney Harbour and the Parramatta River each year. Cruise boats, commercial liners and ships, yachts and motor boats are also a common mode of transport for an island country such as Australia.

Most likely all of the above have toilet facilities and holding tanks and whilst we love the convenience of a toilet “on-board”, it is a messy and smelly job to maintain those facilities.

urineFREE® now offers a safe and environmentally friendly solution to the problem.

urineFREE uses no harsh of hazardous ingredients, is bio-degradable. urineFREE can be used as a urine remover in and around the toilet to eliminate urine stains and odours to give travellers and crews a clean and hygienic bathroom experience.

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