Contract Cleaners & Janitorial Professionals

Contract Cleaners & Janitorial Professionals

In the janitorial/contract cleaning industry, urine odours & stains are a constant and difficult problem especially around urinals and toilet bowls where high concentrations of urine residue can accumulate.

Frequently, the surrounding walls, tiles and grout are also saturated with urine and removing the stain and odour completely hasn’t been easy.

In a competitive marketplace, where costs of cleaning products need to be affordable, contract cleaning professionals have had to make do with cleaners that simply contain a surface cleaning agent that will temporarily mask the urine smell but won’t completely eliminate the urine stain. Only a bio-enzymatic product such as urineFREE® will completely remove urine stains & odours for good.

By not completely eliminating the urine stain or odour, you potentially run the risk of:

1) creating a breeding ground for pathogenic micro-organisms which cause disease
2) cost your customer money if they need to replace urine stain items such as mattresses
3) have persistent and lingering urine odours that could lead to customer dissatisfaction or worse
4) give the facility a bad reputation with patrons and potentially lose your customers’ business

To keep business, we need to keep our customers and their customers happy. Surely that is worth using the right product?

Whether the area affected is a bathroom, bedding, carpets, upholstery or flooring, urineFREE is an all-in-one product that completely removes ALL (pet & human) urine odours and stains no matter how old and is a must for every contract cleaner.

urineFREE works on the biological combination of urine – urea, urochrome and uric acid crystals. Most general cleaners (including chemical cleaners) merely remove the water soluble components of urine (urea and urochrome) but leave behind the non soluble uric acid crystals that retain the odour and stain. These crystals attach to surfaces and are very difficult to dislodge, potentially providing a breeding ground for pathogenic microorganisms.

urineFREE’s bio-enzymatic formula “eats up’’ the uric acid crystals whilst removing the urea and urochrome components, eliminating both the stain and the odour FOR GOOD.

Many urine stains are invisible to the naked eye, yet certainly not to the nose. However, the source of the smell can often be difficult to trace. The urineFREE® Urine Detector solves this problem. Using LED light technology, similar to that used by Police Forensic Officers, the pocket size torch will fluoresce dried urine in a darkened room, making it easy to identify and treat the right area. Then, after treatment in accordance with the product directions, use urineFREE Urine Detector again to check if you’ve removed it all.

urineFREE contains no harsh or hazardous ingredients, is biodegradable and environmentally friendly and is safe to use around humans and animals. Better yet, urineFREE is water based so will do no more damage to your customer’s furniture and fittings than water would.

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