How to remove new urine stains on carpets and rugs?

Our tips

We recommend a different course of action depending on whether the urine stains are old or new.

Read the general guidelines first and then follow this step by step process for new urine stains:

  1. Blot with paper towels to soak up excess urine. Do a colourfast test on a small area.
  2. Saturate all urine-affected areas with urineFREE.
  3. Allow to air dry. The biological removal of the urine deposits takes place during this drying time.
  4. When dry, apply a small amount of water to the area and blot it up with a paper towel. It is important to remove the residue as it is sticky. Shampoo carpets and rugs only after using urineFREE for removal of urine stains and odours.

Refer to that page if you’re dealing with old urine stains.

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Why is the stain becoming larger, darker and the odour stronger?

Often stains may become larger, darker and the odour stronger when they rise to the surface – this is common. This is the urine in the sublayers rising to the surface for further treatment and removal. These stains can take two to three treatments with urineFREE and you will see the stains become lighter and smaller upon further treatments until they eventually disappear. The sniff test for urine odour is the best way to double check the urine has gone as even if you can’t see it there may still be urine lingering. This is when you know you have got all the urine. 

Burn marks on carpet

Old urine stains that have not been removed or not removed correctly will have greater exposure to the urine and the acidity of the uric acid crystals. Unfortunately in some carpets & rugs, especially wool blends, the uric acid crystals can cause burn marks that look like a stain but have actually discoloured the carpet/rug. Please note this is irreversible. urineFREE will remove the urine and in turn the urine smell but it can not remove burn marks. The same applies with urine burn marks on wood floors however unlike wood floors where you can sand back and return the wood the its original state, carpets do not have this option. This is why we encourage removing urine as soon as possible for all surfaces and using only a bio-enzymatic product such as urineFREE will remove the urine for good.

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We are a conscious business because we care. We care about the environment and your health, so our products are non-toxic and safe to use around your family and pets. They are also eco-friendly, septic tank safe, and won’t hurt the planet. Because we also care about our animal friends, our products are vegan and cruelty free.

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