How to use BackyardFRESH on outdoor furniture & fabrics?

Our tips

BackyardFRESH is ready and easy to use. Do not dilute.

  1. Shake bottle lightly before use.
  2. Select nozzle to mist or stream on trigger spray bottles. For containers, either refill a clean spray bottle or attach our battery sprayer to avoid wrist fatigue.
  3. Always check for colour fastness of fabrics.
  4. Lightly mist BackyardFRESH onto cushions and furniture.
  5. Wash hands after use.

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How does BackyardFRESH work?

BackyardFRESH is a high performance, safe odour control solution for pet and outside odours. This unique ready to use formula works outdoors leaving the smelliest areas smelling fresh & clean.

Unlike air fresheners that mask odours temporarily, this unique chemical formulation provides long lasting relief using non-harmful and non-toxic ingredients that are environmentally friendly.

BackyardFRESH can also be used on synthetic grass / artificial turf, animal care centres, kennels, catteries, stables and other animal enclosures.

Ready and easy to use, lightly spray BackyardFRESH onto or around the problem area for immediate, long lasting results.

What is the difference with urineFREE?

urineFREE is an all-in-one urine stain & smell remover that removes all urine — cat urine, dog urine, other pet & human urine.

Some general cleaners can remove the water soluble components of urine (urea and urochrome) but leave behind the non-soluble uric acid crystals that retain the odour and stain. urineFREE’s bio-enzymatic formula “eats up’’ the uric acid crystals whilst removing the urea and urochrome components, eliminating both the urine stain AND the odour for good. 

We recommend urineFREE outside when treating urine odours & stains on balconies, wood work or garden furniture and anywhere you want to permanently remove the urine odour & stain for good.

Prevent future urine (and other) stains from ruining your fabrics

We recommend using a non-toxic, eco friendly, water based fabric protector to stain proof all your fabrics, upholstery, carpets and rugs around the house, including outdoor fabrics.

protectME is a very efficient and safe product, unlike other “mainstream” fabric protectors which are formulated with toxic chemicals.

It works on a range of fabrics, including outdoor fabrics. Please note: protectME is UV stable (the protective layer won’t fade away) but not UV resistant (won’t stop your fabrics from fading).

All-in-one product

urineFREE is a powerful urine stain AND smell remover. It works on all types of urine, whether pet or human — guaranteed to work or your money back! Our product is 20% more concentrated than other products, and contains a bacteria that eats up the uric acid crystals, which are the main culprit when it comes to urine smells and stains.

Ethical brand

We are a conscious business because we care. We care about the environment and your health, so our products are non-toxic and safe to use around your family and pets. They are also eco-friendly, septic tank safe, and won’t hurt the planet. Because we also care about our animal friends, our products are vegan and cruelty free.

Proven results

Trust a product tried and tested by hundreds of happy customers. If you think urineFREE sounds too good to be true, read our reviews or contact our friendly customer service. If you’re not 100% happy with the product, we will give you your money back (guaranteed)!

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