urineFREE Fragrance FREE

urineFREE® Fragrance FREE is the same high quality bio-enzymatic urine removal product as our urineFREE® - Household & Pet, however it DOES NOT contain any added fragrances or masking scents. Having a fragrance is a great way for immediate relief from a smelly urine problem, however, for those people that don’t particularly like fragrances or are sensitive to these scents, this is the product for you.

To learn more about how the bio-enzymatic formula works to remove urine in urineFREE® Fragrance FREE  click here.


Will urineFREE® Fragrance FREE still get rid of urine smells?

Yes! As urineFREE® Fragrance FREE contains the same superior bio-enzymatic formula, it will permanently remove all urine stains & odours from carpets, fabrics, mattresses, wood floors, cement, tiles, porcelains and much more! By removing the source of the urine you remove all traces of the urine odour. Depending on how old the urine stain is and how big it is, this may take more than one application but it will happen!


When to use urineFREE® Fragrance FREE

  • Sensitivity to fragrances or masking scents
  • Urine stains where there is no associated urine smell
  • Fresh urine stains; if you treat the area immediately, the urine smell doesn’t have time to develop
  • Large urine deposits where a lot of product may be needed


Disclaimer: Even though urineFREE® Fragrance FREE has no fragrances or masking agents added and is the safer option for people who suffer from sensitivities to fragrance and masking chemicals, this product still contains bio-enzymes which some people who suffer from an enzyme allergy may still be sensitive to.


urineFREE Fragrance FREE