How do I treat old and new urine stains on car seats?

As you know, car seats are often made of foam and, if the urine has penetrated the surface material, often the urine will be absorbed by the foam to a certain depth depending on the amount of urine discharged.

The key to any successful remediation is that wherever the urine has gone urineFREE must go too. urineFREE must make contact with all the urine to be 100% effective. Sometimes only one application is required but more often on old urine deposits, several applications may be required.

Sometimes you think the urine is only in the seats but we have found if cats have been transported, especially males, cat urine can be sprayed into the panels and even down the air conditioning ducting. After treating a vehicle, turn on the air conditioning. If you can't smell urine you’ve probably got it all. If you can still smell it check out other areas you may suspect.