The Synthetic Grass PLUS Pack

The Synthetic Grass PLUS Pack
Product no: AAA180
Price: $109.80

Save $16.00 with our popular Synthetic Grass PLUS pack. Use BackyardFRESH in conjunction with urineFREE in between urineFREE treatments for affordable long term relief of urine odours & urine deposit build ups in your artificial turf.

You'll receive:

1 x 2 Litre urineFREE®
2 x 750ml BackyardFRESH®
1 x Battery Sprayer

Please note: The Synthetic Grass Packages we suggest are only a guide. In some cases it will be sufficient to solve the problem, in other cases it may not be enough. If the lawn has been urinated on over a long period of time more urineFREE may be necessary to complete the job.

How much urineFREE or BackyardFRESH will I need?

Please read "Urine in your Synthetic Grass" for more information.