The Synthetic Grass JUMBO Pack

The Synthetic Grass JUMBO Pack
Product no: mb00302
Price: $164.90

Save $27.00! For repeat applications, greater coverage or simply saving more money, the Synthetic Grass JUMBO pack is the perfect combination for removing multiple urine stains and odours in your artificial turf. 

You'll receive:

1 x 5 Litre urineFREE® Household & Pet
1x 5 Litre BackyardFRESH®

Please note: Our Synthetic Grass Packages are only a guide. In some cases it will be sufficient to solve the problem, in other cases it may not be enough. If the lawn has been urinated on over a long period of time more urineFREE may be necessary to complete the job.

How much urineFREE or BackyardFRESH will I need?

Please read "Urine in your Synthetic Grass" for more information.