Floors are not infinitely durable – traffic wear, water, weight, rot and even human and animal urine can destroy a sturdily-built floor. Urine stains and odours are often difficult to resolve as urine can seep far into hardwood, timber and concrete flooring.

New homeowners often fall victim to the problem of urine-damaged floors when they move into a new house. Previous owners may have simply masked urine odours (mostly caused by house-dwelling pets) with cheap cleaning products or hidden urine stains before putting houses up for sale. However, as soon as the home is bought and the new residents move in, the untreated urine odours often return.

As for pet owners, some urine-damaged floors are often so bad they assume they have no other option but to re-floor the entire urine-affected area.

However, new or existing home owners simply may not have the hundred, possibly thousands, of dollars for repair work or replacing urine-damaged flooring.

Using chemicals and detergents only removes the urea and urochrome components of urine but leave behind the uric acid crystals which become bonded to surfaces and retain the stain and the odour.

There is now a cost-effective and environmentally friendly solution for flooring professionals: urineFREE®.

urineFREE is not just any urine remover, its high quality bio-enzymatic formula "eats up" the uric acid crystals whilst removing the urea and urochrome components, eliminating both the urine stain AND the urine odour – FOR GOOD.
Before urineFREE, flooring professionals may have sealed over urine stains and odours with flooring sealer. This method may turn out to be only a quick fix, as uric acid crystals can eat through the sealer and the odours return after a new carpet is laid.
urineFREE can remove any kind of urine stains and odours (human & pet) from deep within hardwood, timber and even concrete floors. For urineFREE to be 100% effective, urineFREE must make contact with all the urine and enough product must be used to saturate the affected areas. See How to Use Instructions for details.

urineFREE contains no harsh or hazardous ingredients, is biodegradable and environmentally friendly and is safe to use around humans and animals. Better yet urineFREE is water based so will do no more damage to wood, carpets or upholstery than water would.

Many urine stains are invisible to the naked eye, yet certainly not to the nose. However, the source of the smell can often be difficult to trace.  urineFREE® Urine Detector solves this problem. Using LED light technology, similar to that used by Police Forensic Officers, the pocket size torch will fluoresce dried urine in a darkened room, making it easy to identify and treat the right area. Then, after treatment in accordance with the product directions, use urineFREE Urine Detector again to check that you have removed it all.

urineFREE also offers flooring professionals increased revenue, charging for the urine removal as an added extra. But most importantly, urineFREE will increase customer satisfaction for your flooring business.

PLEASE NOTE:  Black staining from long-term exposure to urine is common. Using urineFREE will cause the stain to go grey. Repeated applications will cause the stain to become a lighter grey. Once treatment is completed and all urine is removed, if the colours is unacceptable, sand back the floor to its original colour and reseal. urineFREE will not penetrate sealed floors. Sealed floors over old urine stains will need to be sanded back, treated and re-sealed.

Never use cleaners, chemicals or deodorisers prior to using urineFREE. These products tend to coat or encapsulate the uric acid crystals (the source of the odours) and make it difficult for urineFREE to penetrate. If you have used these products, try to remove as much of the products as possible with water and a clean cloth. Blot and allow to dry and then apply urineFREE.

Treating Urine in Timber Flooring

Remove urine from timber floors the right way using urineFREE in this step by step video guide.

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