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It does what its says on the bottle

This has worked really well on artifical grassed area. I has tried so many different products and none of them could eliminate the stale odour smell of dog urine but this stuff worked.

Great stuff

This is my third order. Great stuff


I bought this product to clean up after my poorly cat. He had inappropriate urination on my sons carpet. Unfortunately to no avail, like most other products. I found this has not worked and we still have that horrible cat smell. The light that come with the product proved quite useless also. Highlighted everything neon but not so much urine ... im glad i tried the product, but for the price i feel massively disappointed. πŸ˜”.

Amazing product! So easy to use and very effective.

5 Stars !

Excellent products and service as usual.

Old cat wee smell

I have a house where previous owners had cats and pissed throughout the house.
This is the only product that worked in removing the smell of cat pee.
I tried a number of other products that worked short term but soon the smell returned.
Urine Free has worked great and smell has not returned.

It does not remove stains as well, and if they could make a product that could be used first to remove stains then this product to keep the smell at bay that would be great.

It is expensive but worth it.
I had spent a lot of money on other products first and if I had used this straight up I would of been a lot better off.

Over all highly recommended this product

Excellent product

I have bought the Fragrance Free product, and find that it works really well, removing all urine odour in carpet and on hard flooring, and in cloth items, without leaving any irritating perfume. I just bought my second large size bottle, so that says it works for me.

Urine free review

Our backyard had a really strong urine smell from our puppy and we were on the hunt for a product that would actually work! We came across urine free online and decided to give it a go since we had tried everything else on google. To my surprised, it actually worked! The unpleasant smell disappeared after 2 applications and we just occasionally use the backyard fresh as maintenance! very happy customer πŸ™‚

Synthetic Grass Premium Pack β€” Pet Odour Control Solution

Urine free

I have recently purchased a second bottle of Urine free. This product is truly amazing. I tried some home remedies which failed and I stumbled upon Urine free. I have an older girl cat and she'd had a few accidents on the carpet. I have also recently adopted a new puppy. I have used this product on both carpet and hard floors. The result is fantastic. It worked really well, exactly as described. I intend to always have a bottle of this on hand because with two cats and a dog I'm sure there'll be more accidents. This product deserves an A+ rating for sure. I wouldn't bother wasting money on anything else. Urine Free is awesome and I'm happy to recommend it to everyone πŸ™‚


Brilliant product! It really works. I tried many other products but UrineFree is the only product to work. It leaves carpets, furniture and pavers smelling fresh and no urine odour. I highly recommend it.

It works!

The smell of cat pee really does go.... carpet... tiles ... walls .... ! Quickly. Easily.

The best

This really is the best thing for getting urine out of concrete and Astro turf. We have male Wolfhounds who do BIG smelly puddles and this gets the urine and the smell out, and helps deter them from doing it again

Works well smells great

We’ve tried a number of products and this one is definitely the best! It leaves a pleasant fresh scent. The light is worth getting to find the issue and also great for making sure it’s gone. Have used on carpet curtains and couches.
Fast dispatch and delivery!
Thank you.

Urine Free spray

Urine Free is fantastic! I have tried many products previously and none come near it. The nurse at the vet practice I attend used some for me when my nervous kitty had an accident all over my $300 handbag - and it worked! Have used and recommended it ever since.

Great product

urineFREE is great - lovely smell that masks the smell of cat urine. I would recommend to anyone with cats.

Excellent products and excellent service

Really works!

I have tried absolutely everything.
Urine Free is absolutely the best.
Amazing stuff!

Fast, Effecient Delivery of a product that really does work .

We have a courtyard at our Vet practice with artificial turf , this products eliminates the odours very effectively. Easy to apply .

Urine Free and Pets areas

Have been using UrineFree for some years now and would highly recommend the products in house and yard in maintaining a pleasant smell and effectiveness with dogs who are living in or visiting. Also the protector for furniture is an excellent product. Thank you Urine Free!!

Happy Cat Owner

Works a treat.

Smells lovely !!

Urine free works amazingly well on our balcony , pot plants , furniture and anywhere else our male dog annoyingly pees . Would highly recommend as it gets rid of the smell and the sticky residue too , brilliant !!

Apartment Living

We live in an apartment with two whippets and have made an outdoor toilet for them on our balcony . UrineFREE is a great product for keeping smells away.

Urine Free keeps our garden odour free

I have used Urine Free for a number of years and find that it always works, either indoors or outside on the artificial grass that my dog uses as a toilet. A good spray once a week generally keeps things in check. We did have a postal issue, which has been resolved once Australia Post admitted that the the wrong address, but that has been a small hiccup in years if good service.