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Based on 826 reviews

Avid fan and user of UrineFree. Without it, we want to move out of our apartment. There's a science to getting rid of urine smells that UrineFree has mastered.

Urine free

This is an excellent product and works well on our artificial turf. we don't have any grass in our backyard and this gets rid of the odour very quickly.
will recommend your products happily.

Great smell

Love the scent. Will probably try the outdoor turf version.

Urine Free

Product worked well on Synthetic grass, I have 2x Labradors and need to clean the grass regularly throughout summer. Urine free cleared the urine odour and was cheaper than alternatives.

Everything it claims to be

We had a bush rat infestation. Smell could not be removed until we used Urine Free worked a treat.


I love this product. It works! It smells lovely and fresh too. Delivery is very quick which is a great bonus.

Great product

The only thing that truly works on pet urine. I ordered 5ltrs online and it arrived within the week. So economic purchasing online and have so much I doubt I will ever run out, great product great family business would highly recommend.

Urine Free spray

Received product very quickly and so far seems to do its job well

Battery Sprayer
Urine Free

Excellent Product

Effective but pricey

Really like the product; its the only thing I have used that has effectively removed the dog urine odour from our artificial turf. However to cover our small area of grass, we used an entire bottle of Urinefree which makes it expensive to use on an ongoing basis.

Fantastic product for concrete

This product is amazing. We had fake grass directly on concrete (no base) which was used by our dog as a toilet for 6 months. There urine had been soaking in and the concrete was constantly wet. The smell was overpowering. We finally changed over to a proper dog toilet but we needed to clean the concrete. We used urine free on the concrete and the smell is now gone. It has been 4 weeks and the concrete still smells lovely! i would 100% recommend this product.

Great product

Really pleased with the urine free for indoors and for outside on the artificial grass!

Best product

Best chemical ever our dogs pee on the pavers and they smell.. this stuff stops them peeing on the pavers and the area smells heaps better 20 out of 20

I can’t believe how well it works!

We had urine trapped under a deck, spraying urine free through the gaps between the decking removed the smell. I couldn’t believe how well it worked, I’d tried everything else I could think of with no luck before finding urine free.

Pleasant Smell

It definitely takes away that urine smell from our naughty boy cat and replaces it with a much more pleasant smell. I really love the smell.

Happy Customer

I am very pleased with the performance of Urine Free the results were better than I had expected! The battery powered hand pump/spray and u/v torch made the cleaning operation easy.
Follow the instructions carefully-- make sure you wet the spots completely, (do not use a fine spray) but more of a narrow stream, you will use more product but it will work!!

Really works!!

Was a bit skeptical as there are so many products on the market but have been thrilled with this purchase. Completely neutralises and removes the urine smell, and the actual smell of the product is lovely so happy to have it in the house! 100% recommend!!!

My cat was peeing under my dining table on the carpet. By the time I realised the carpet was a mess. I used another brand shampoo in my Vax shampooer the stains are yellow on my cream carpet. I will prob have to get new carpet but thought I'd give it a go first would this do the job.

Absolutely fantastic

Extremely happy with this product And it smells fantastic, fresh and clean.


Wonderful stuff smells great and works a treat thanks

Best odour buster for urine!

My wife bought this product as I have incontinence and tend to get urine on the floor/bathmats. This spray is great at masking the smell entirely, which due to my condition is very potent. The only reason I gave 4 stars is that it can take a while to dry which isn’t great if you need to go frequently. But otherwise it’s a keeper in our house.

Top Quality

Stopped my dog from urinating inside. Would highly recommend

Extremely happy

Love the fresh smell and cleans my floors well.

We use urine free in our front yard with artificial turf and find it works very well. We use the hand spray bottle whenever we see Sebastian go no1 and monthly with the battery sprayer to cover the entire yard.
Great product and highly recommend.