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This product really works.

Urine Free 2 x 5L

Product works as advertised. We have 2 large dogs and synthetic turf and use this product once or twice a year to soak our backyard which completely eliminates any unpleasant odour.

It actually works

A bit on the expensive side but it actually worked on my synthetic grass removing the horrible odour especially on warmer days . I will be using this product again and I would recommend it

Great product

Since getting our artificial turf done in our backyard, we needed a product to get rid of the urine smell from our dog. Such an easy product to use and I love the smell of it. Definitely purchasing again, this time with the urine detector to help with the process.

Urine completely gone

I used this product on a wooden floor. After using it as per the instructions the urine smell and stains were totally gone. I highly recommend this product.

helps take the guesswork out

this product is easy to use, smells great and the torch helps to take the guesswork out of mishaps.

Does what it says on the tin.

We have a dog that had a lot of trouble learning to not piss on the carpet. Urinefree was the only product that we've found that will remove the odour without strong perfumes. Recommended.

Excellent product

Have tried other products but none are as effective or last as long as Urine Free. I can highly recommend this product.

Great stuff

Have only used UrineFREE the once but already noticed a difference from the previous product I used.

Great product - smell removed from the turf lawn in one treatment

What a great product, simple to use and took away the urine smell from the turf lawn in one treatment - highly recommended!!

Fantastic product

Great product, and it works! Highly recommend

Extremely happy with the product and will definitely ordering more

Highly Recommend

This is amazing stuff it helps keep our Artifical Grass smelling clean with No urine smell on hot days. Our frenchies can even walk on it after spraying

struggling with big area of fake lawn

This product seems to work initially but it is an expensive way to deal with a bigger area. Will persist with trying to keep the dogs off the fake lawn as much as possible. A combination of hot sun on the lawn and it being a large area can make the product ineffective. May be better suited to just small blotches that you know exactly where the problem is

Note: This issue was handled over the phone with the customer. If you are in a similar situation, please note that months and months of using the area will cause the uric acid to sink down into the ground. Watering the area to try and get rid of the urine smell will make it worse because it causes the urine acid to go deeper into the ground. In such a case, we recommend to fully saturate the ground with a heavy application of urineFREE to reach the uric acid crystals, which may be located a few centimetres beneath the surface. A few other tips: - Apply the product at nighttime out of the heat of the day - Before applying urineFREE, spray the synthetic turf with water to cool it down - If absorbent infills have been used, please ensure that these are saturated with water prior to using urineFREE - Then apply urineFREE in a heavy application, focusing on the high use areas - Cover the treated area with plastic and leave for 24 hours - After 24 hours, remove the cover, rinse the area with water and let it air dry. We hope this helps. Kind Regards Dan Lassen Managing Director
It REALLY works! Best product!

We have been using this product now for a few years with our dogs.-I would not buy any other product. 100% removes the odour and the stain. I tried other products prior to this and they just don’t do the job. I wish this product was sold more in pet stores as people only buy what’s available-people are missing out on what I believe is a superior product that works every time. Great product that actually works!

Awesome product- thank you!!!

Have used synthetic turf on paving - heavily used by 2 large and 2 small dogs. First ever application of Urinefree lasted for almost a week. Was sure I would have to repeat 2 or 3 times to get on top of problem, especially in 40 degrees plus heat we’ve had. Already recommending to friends, has a lovely clean smell that unlike other products I have tried, actually lasts.

It Works!

The odours from a neighbour's cat spraying around my front door are now gone. Visitors don't feel put off anymore.

Best product we have tried

Hands-down the best product we have used after 20years of searching.

It works!

Always a bit daunted buying things from the internet, but we have used our 5L enzyme cleaner over the past month to save a very expensive mattress and on old stains in the carpet (soooo many, do get a UV torch when you buy this stuff - essential to find where the damage has been done). For these old messes it has taken in excess of four applications to be rid of the pee smell. Some areas remain a little discoloured when viewed with UV torch and on the white of the mattress, but very happy with our purchase. Less happy with our pets for all this trouble. Will purchase this in favour of the pet shop brands which we have used with mixed success in the past.

The BEST we've ever used

Brilliant product. Excellent Australian company! Swift turn-around from order to delivery. We have tried many pet shop off-the-shelf products for our outside area and find that your product truly lives up to it's promise... and leaves a pleasant odour on the astro turf.

BackyardFRESH 5 Litre with Battery Sprayer

Urine free

Works really well, took our naughty puppies we smell right out of the mattress and lounge

Great product and service

Irvine free is a great product. I’ve used the ‘urine free’ and ‘backyard fresh’ products and they work really well. Our older dog has had a few accidents in the house and urine free has had it back to new in no time.
We also have artificial lawn and ‘backyard fresh’ makes it smell like new again.
Highly recommend both of hem these products.
The service was great too. Fast shipment and any queries answered very fast.

Great result

Very happy!! We had two small dogs and artificial turf. Our backyard gets rather smelly on hot days and i was worried about entertaining outside over the summer.The first use had our turf smelling fresh and completely eliminated any unpleasant smells.