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Excellent products and excellent service

Really works!

I have tried absolutely everything.
Urine Free is absolutely the best.
Amazing stuff!

Fast, Effecient Delivery of a product that really does work .

We have a courtyard at our Vet practice with artificial turf , this products eliminates the odours very effectively. Easy to apply .

Urine Free and Pets areas

Have been using UrineFree for some years now and would highly recommend the products in house and yard in maintaining a pleasant smell and effectiveness with dogs who are living in or visiting. Also the protector for furniture is an excellent product. Thank you Urine Free!!

Happy Cat Owner

Works a treat.

Smells lovely !!

Urine free works amazingly well on our balcony , pot plants , furniture and anywhere else our male dog annoyingly pees . Would highly recommend as it gets rid of the smell and the sticky residue too , brilliant !!

Apartment Living

We live in an apartment with two whippets and have made an outdoor toilet for them on our balcony . UrineFREE is a great product for keeping smells away.

Urine Free keeps our garden odour free

I have used Urine Free for a number of years and find that it always works, either indoors or outside on the artificial grass that my dog uses as a toilet. A good spray once a week generally keeps things in check. We did have a postal issue, which has been resolved once Australia Post admitted that the the wrong address, but that has been a small hiccup in years if good service.

Only thing that has worked

This is the only product that I can find that has worked on the synthetic grass.

Excellent product

Urine free is an excellent product. It completely eliminates our dog’s urine stains and smells from our artificial grass. Safe and easy to apply and smells great. Order process is quick and simple. Great service.

It works!

We recently purchased our first home and had to deal with dog and cat urine in all the bedrooms. We were holding our breath rolling up the pissy carpets and our eyes were burning. The tack strips were stained and had to be removed. The smell was intense even with the carpets removed. There were stains on the concrete in corners of the rooms where the pets had repeatedly done their business. I applied urineFREE to the concrete and the next day I noticed a huge difference. After the second application I couldn't smell urine anymore. I sprayed the corners a third time for good measure (in case I had gone nose blind). We have also treated the concrete patio area with urineFREE and BackyardFresh. I would recommend these products to anyone dealing with urine odour.

urineFREE 750ml — Fragrance Free

Urine Free

We have recently had synthetic tuff put down in our back yard and as we have a small puppy I thought I would try Urine Free to keep the grass from smelling like puppy urine. I spray the turf once a week in the evening and so far the turf is great. I'm impressed thank you.

Easy to manage dog urine

Urine free is fabulous for managing dog urine smells on artificial turf. I buy in bulk and pour it into a garden sprayer for ease of application. It works a treat! I love this product.

Urine free

Love love this product. With 4 large dogs and artificial turf it keeps the urine smell off and the yard smelling amasing

We moved into a new house and my dog kept marking his territory on the lounge room drapes. No matter how often I would wash them he kept going back. After treating with Urine Free he has not marked their once since. So happy that Urine Free solved my problem and saved my drapes. Highly recommend it.


An excellent product that does as claimed. Service is great too .


This is an excellent product. Removes the urine smell and deposits

Happy Customer

Order Process Simple. Product Works as Advertised although Smell a little strong in a small garden.

Excellent product for dog urine stains and smell removal!

Smells wonderful. Works effectively. Sprayer attachment is a must to purchase with the 5 LT container. Works well on old stains and smells. I’ve had rescue dogs and a rescue pregnant Staffy give birth on my carpet and this product erased all smells and stains. Love it !!!

life saver.🐾

I found myself in a very smelly house with a very sick cat working with cat rescue this happens often so iam very fond we f your products they literally bring my home back to me. Thank you

urineFREE 5 Litre Container — Household & Pet


Very good product and service