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Removes odors

Amazing product! My pooch like I'm sure most has the occasional accident this product has been amazing in removing any odors we also use this outdoor on her synthetic grass and the concrete. Highly recommended.

Works Great

Gets rid of the smell of dogs from our outdoor area. The power sprayer is awesome

Excellent Product

UrineFree is an excellent product when used correctly. I frequently recommend the product to clients who have issues with inappropriate elimination (peeing and pooping in he the wrong place) along with other applicable behaviour strategies.



Hi Lewis,

We are disappointed to hear that you are having trouble with urineFREE.

We always encourage our customers to get in touch via our email or phone number (03) 9318 0996 so we can help you solve your problem before it's rated as we know our products work and if they aren't, there would be a reason.

We have noticed that you have ordered urineFREE a few times over the years, is there anything that has changed in the way you applied the product?

Also, please note that the stain in your carpet can be caused the urine itself: in some instances, the acid in the urine and some carpet fibres can form tannin while the urine is drying and this can result in a carpet stain. Often stains may become larger, darker and the odour stronger when they rise to the surface – this is common. This is the urine in the sublayers rising to the surface for further treatment and removal. These stains can take two to three treatments with urineFREE and you will see the stains become lighter and smaller upon further treatments until they eventually disappear.

We stick by our guarantee to work as directed or your money back. However when customers tell us it hasn't work we always ask a few questions:
1. What type of carpet are you treating?
2. How much product have you used?
3. How large is the effected area?
4. How long has the urine been in the carpet for?
5. Did you use previous products before applying urineFREE. If yes, what?
6. After urineFREE had dried did you remove the residue completely?

Again we'll be happy to help because we and so many customers know our products work when used as directed. We hope to hear from you.

Kind regards,
Dan Lassen

UrineFREE Best Urine Remover

I was having so much trouble getting rid of my dog pee and it odour especially on the carpets. Not until I got hold of UrineFREE it made it so much easier to clean and remove my dog’s pee on almost all sort of surfaces including the carpet. I highly recommend this product to anyone. A+ A+ A+

Finally a result

We adopted a fairly big dog about a year ago and after few months we noticed that the artificial lawn at home started smell a bit (actually a lot). It was pretty obvious what the problem was so I went to google to find a solution. I tried a few different products but most would mask the smell for a day or so and as soon as some sunlight hit the lawn the smell was back.

Recently we had some new artificial turf laid at our business and we asked the installer if there was any product he knew of that would help. He basically said that there was nothing that would penetrate down to where smell was coming from so I went back to google and stumbled across UrineFree. I ordered a 5L UrineFree and 5L Backyard Fresh I wasn't convinced that it would work after what the turf guy said but I'm pleased to say that my first application has been a success. I used around 1L of UrineFree and less than half that of Backyard Fresh. The following day I went out to check three or four times and the smell had definitely gone. This was almost two weeks ago and we've had some pretty hot days since so I'm convinced this is the way to go.

Amazing product

Very pleased with the product , the scent is divine and performs well as stated . I love it so much that I will be ordering again soon , it’s a definite holy grail for me 👌

Urine Free

A couple of weeks after installing synthetic turf, I noticed a string urine smell from the dogs. I tried a few home remedies and a deodorizer, the smell persisted. After one application of urine free, the odor had gone.

Amazing Product

I have been using urine free and back yard fresh for a few years. Both products are fantastic and getting rid of the urine smell. I have a small courtyard and black plastic under pebbles, this product has been a life saver, especially as the weather heats up and the urine smell gets stronger and stronger. 1 application and the smell is gone for about 5 months. Done hesitate, get these products.


We have an inside cat who had been urinating in our walk in robe.
It was an old urine smell and the more I shampooed the carpet in there the more it smelt.
I bought urine free, I was abit sceptical at first.
Absolutely amazing product, I used it twice on the whole floor in the robe, as shampooing spread the urine mark.
I couldn't recommend high enough.
I purchased the spray nozzle as well, absolutely wonderful so easy to use.
I also had a urine torch.
Highly recommend.

Works brilliantly!

We have a very small synthetic lawn so our dogs pee is concentrated in a small area. This stuff worked so well that all the urine smell is gone and we can enjoy our backyard again😀

Very good product, lives up to all my expectations, I will buy again.

Actually Smells Quite Lovely

I am very sensitive to the smell of many chemical cleaners, so I was delighted to discover that UrineFREE actually smells quite pleasant. While I'm sure other brands may work equally as well, I will stick with UrineFREE because I know it won't have an awful "chemical smell" that merely covers up the smell of the urine. I've also discovered that they will take back my empty containers, so they really are an ecologically minded company.

The only product that truly works

I wasn't that keen to get turf installed, but my partner insisted. Needles to say I was very unimpressed that our backyard soon began to reek of urine (and we only have one dog who goes out on multiple outings each day). We tried a number of other things with no success at all, before I came across the reviews for Urine Free. We have been using it for a few years now with great results. It really is the only product that truly works - so thank you!


We have used this product recently in the home and have found it to be awesome! Our furry friends aren’t sneezing from harsh chemicals and the mess is cleaned up nicely. Awesome for puppies!

I love this stuff

We have dogs that pee on the peddles. It removes odour and leave the courtyard fresh.
This product is a true winner.
Will be ordering more in the future.

Giving it a second try

I bought this product to use on old urine stains in some rugs. The instructions say it will need more than one application and the first application may make the smell worse. Well it has made it worse which I'm hoping means all is going as expected, so I am following the instructions and going to give it another dose. The worse before it gets better rule makes me a bit nervous but fingers crossed all will come good in the end just as the instructions say.

Life saving

Urine free leaves my home odour free. I shudder to think of how unwelcoming my home would be without it, while my puppy is being toilet trained.

Wish I had discovered this product sooner

This product has changed my backyard experience. I’ve been covering the smell from the dogs on my synthetic grass and have finally found a solution.


Very happy with the product. We have three senior dogs, so there's a lot of mistakes.

Excellent product

Helps keep a disabled bathroom/toilet clean, fresh and odour free

Expensive but it works!

We applied UrineFREE to artificial lawn at the rate of 0.8L/10Sq.M in cool of evening and hosed down the next morning. The product has a refreshing fragrance which absolutely killed the dog urine smells straight away. A good solution, but not cheap.

Thank you

It is nice to find a product that lives up to it's claims.
I am very happy with my purchase.