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Changed the game for me!

Have two dogs who love to have accidents. Up until recently I’ve been buying expensive tins of product that runs out quickly. Since buying this I have a small spray bottle for accidents and the big bottle for any bigger stains.

This stuff actually works!! Smell is gone, just spray and leave to dry. Super impressed I googled enough to find this company

Excellent product.

Got rid of nose bleed stain from sofa effortlessly. It’s magic.

urineFREE urine detector
Jemima Burkinshaw

I Find it does the jobwell

Don’t hesitate to try this product! - IT WORKS A TREAT!

This product as literally been a game changer. This is our second order. Using it on the in-laws floors. They have two dogs, completely untrained. So you can imagine the smell. 🙁 We are very grateful that we found this product to work so well. Tried all the diy methods and nothing worked the way this works. We will unfortunately be regular customers, but very happy to know we have this method to clean up.


I'm as surprised as you are!
We moved into a new property a month ago and one of our cats got angry about it and peed in the bedroom on the carpet.
VERY out of character for him and INCREDIBLY stressful for us!
UrineFREE was the only product online with consistent reviews saying that it worked on cat pee.
I ordered the basic kit after trying a carpet cleaning machine, spray and wipe and a bunch of different odor and stain products from the pet store.
I had to do two applications of urineFREE but by the end of the second go... it's completely gone!! Stain and most importantly... smell!
If this product isn't working for you... you're doing it wrong!

urineFREE urine detector
Lorraine I connell

It’s great did the job and took the odour away

I love this product - it's both efficient & effective

I've used a few different products to assist in the elimination of cat urine and odour and this is the only product I've used that does both with efficacy. I keep coming back to this product because in my eyes it works. I have a few senior fur babies and they sometimes miss the litter tray. The black light torch helps to find the missed spots and the urine free spray assists with removal (enzyme action) and odour elimination.

Better than I expected

I purchased small btl of urine free and back yard fresh. In hope that they are good products. With a new pup and a older dog my back yard was stinky. I am very impressed with back yard fresh works great on fake turf pee tray and areas the dogs go. So impressed I plan to purchase a bulk amount. Urine free I have only used once as toilet training seems to be going well and it has worked much better than the other product I had used. Would recommend to anyone especially if you have any fake turf.

Stopped working

The sprayer stopped working after about 60 seconds of use.

Hi Bianca.

I am so sorry you have had a bad experience with our battery sprayer and we back our products 100% so I will organise a replacement once I've heard back from you in regards to your address.


Easy and Economical

Found Urine free to be very effective in cutting the toilet smells, it is easy to use and you only need to spray over the area after cleaning which means using the smallest amount of the chemical to get a good result

Fragrance was very strong

I'm sorry you have had a negative experience with our product.

We will be releasing our fragrance free version in the near future and may be something that you would be interested in.

If you could please email be back at, maybe we can work something out for you.


Battery Sprayer
Sharon Thorndike
Exceptional product! Exceptional service!

We have used this product multiple times now and it is the best on the market for this purpose. The staff are so kind, friendly and professional. The order and delivery process is very efficient. I encourage potential customers to give them a go. These guys are the best!!! ♥️♥️♥️🐶

No doubt the best urine eliminating product on the market

I have used this product many times as new fur babies enter our lives. I love this product, it does what is claims to do..I will continue to be a loyal customer. I highly recommend it to anyone wanting to deal with urine issues with new pets..there is no better product..

Fantastic product no more urine smells at all I would recommend this product for all pet owners with synthetic grass .

Great Product

I have used Urine Free many times and it continues to perform to all expectations. Our synthetic grass is always smelling fresh and clean and a pleasure to walk on. I highly recommend this product.

Good product

Brought UrineFREE to aid control of smell for a person with urinary incontinence who has to used a communal laundry. Very successful. Our only difficulty is that the cap attached to the sprayer does not fit the 5l bottle. Resorting to duct tape…

Battery Sprayer
Sarah Barksdale
Worked very well for about a month

I really liked this sprayer but it stopped working after about a month. No corrosion. No problems with the batteries. Seemed as if fluid leaked into the motor.

It works!

Tried every solution to get rid of the cat pee smell off our rug and this product worked. Blue light is really helpful to find those areas you've missed. Doesn't just mask the smell but neutralises it as well. Recommended product

No more stinky pet odour wafting from my yard. I use on my artificial lawn and pavement. Application is so easy with the battery sprayer provided. Highly recommend as pet odour remover.

Great product and prompt service

UrineFree Makes My Garden SmellFree

My two big dogs never stop peeing. Thank goodness for UrineFree

Great product and great service from supplier!

urine free

very effective at removing smells

Very impressive results

I don’t generally write reviews but this product works amazingly well. I have had unwell elderly parents living in their home over about a 6 year period there has been spills and accidents that have not been well cleaned up and I honestly thought I’d probably have to pull the carpets up and replace them before I could even stay in those rooms to clean. One good application and I left it to dry for a week. I went back 2 days ago and can’t believe that not only is the smell gone but the stains are virtually gone too! Not very often is a product easy to apply, pretty well effortless to use and the results this outstanding. Some of the stains had been there for a long time and still it managed to remove them. Very impressive.