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UrineFREE review
Hi Rose, We are sorry to hear you had a negative experience with our product. We know our products and we completely back them with a money back guarantee to work as directed or your money back. However when customers tell us it hasn't work we always ask a few questions... 1. What type of carpet are you treating and how big is the area? 2. How much product have you used? How much product do you have left? 3. Is this for a pet or human urine? If pet what size/breed? The amount of urine can vary significantly. 4. Did you use previous products before applying urineFREE. If yes, what? 5. After urineFREE had dried did remove the residue completely? 5. How many times did you reapply? The number 1 reason urineFREE may not work is that previous products have been used before. Products containing chemicals and detergents will NOT remove urine. They remove the non-soluble components of urine, but leave behind the uric acid crystals that lodge into the fibres of the carpet, wood etc. If chemicals or detergents have been used before than these products coat the uric acid crystals (like a wax sealer to a floor) making it very difficult for any product including biological products such as urineFREE to penetrate, even water won't remove it. These uric acid crystals will therefore remain, leaving the stain and the odour for good. As per our instructions we recommend removing as much of previous as possible using a wet cloth and sponging out, rinsing the cloth in running water to wash away the previous products. Once you are sure that the previous products have been removed then you can apply urineFREE. The second reason is if you are applying urineFREE to porous surfaces then you may need more product to complete the job. Carpets, rugs, soft furnishings, concrete, pavers and unglazed surfaces are particularly porous and for urineFREE to be 100% effective it needs to go where all the urine has gone. You need to saturate the stain and bleed the urine to the surface and this may take several applications, time and enough product. You can also use a plastic sheet to cover the carpet and allow the product to work for longer. The urine will slowly rise to the surface to allow you to wipe away the sticky by-product. Again we'll be happy to help because we and so many customers know our products work when used as directed. We hope to hear from you. Thanks, Dan Lassen
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