Commercial urine remover

Same great formulation — just a different label to suit the professional marketplace.

If you work in the carpet cleaning industry, you know that shampooing a carpet embedded with human or pet urine presents a difficult challenge. Shampooing a urine stain can cause the urine to liquefy and spread 3-4 times its normal size.  Worse, if someone walks on a damp shampooed carpet they can spread the urine all over the house. 

Carpet cleaning products only temporarily mask the urine smell. This is because they are only removing the water soluble components of urine and leave behind the non soluble urine acid crystals that retain the urine odour and stain. Our professional grade all-in-one urine remover will get rid of stain & odours for good.

UrineFREE 5 Litre With Battery Sprayer

All-in-one urine remover

urineFREE removes the urine stain & smell for good. Other products don’t get to the uric acid crystals (the main culprit) and only mask the smell temporarily.

Lasting results

Because urineFREE actually removes the uric acid crystals instead of masking them, no to reapply to maintain results (unless new stains have happened).

Eco-friendly & non-toxic

Formulated with non-toxic and eco-friendly ingredients only, our products are safe to use, respect our planet and are septic tank safe.

Money back guarantee

Think it sounds too good to be true? Try it for yourself, and if you’re not 100% happy with the product, we will give you your money back!


Urine smells & stains are unhygienic & unpleasant in your place of business. 

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