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BackyardFRESH Dual Pack — Synthetic Grass Pet Odour Control Solution

Get rid of pet urine smells in your artificial grass with BackyardFRESH. Comes packaged in 2x easy-to-use 750ml bottles with combination trigger sprayer.

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BackyardFRESH is a high performance, safe odour control solution for pet and outside odours that linger in your artificial grass or backyard. This ready to use formula works outdoors, leaving the smelliest areas smelling fresh clean. Unlike air fresheners that mask odours temporarily, this unique chemical formulation provides long lasting relief using non-harmful and non-toxic ingredients that are environmentally friendly. BackyardFRESH can be used on synthetic grass, artificial turf, and is ideal for animal care centres, kennels, catteries, stables and other animal enclosures. Ready and easy to use, lightly spray BackyardFRESH onto or around the problem area for immediate, long lasting results.

BackyardFRESH is packaged in 2x easy-to-use 750ml bottles with combination trigger sprayer.

Customer Reviews

Based on 99 reviews
Effective but pricey

Really like the product; its the only thing I have used that has effectively removed the dog urine odour from our artificial turf. However to cover our small area of grass, we used an entire bottle of Urinefree which makes it expensive to use on an ongoing basis.

Fantastic product for concrete

This product is amazing. We had fake grass directly on concrete (no base) which was used by our dog as a toilet for 6 months. There urine had been soaking in and the concrete was constantly wet. The smell was overpowering. We finally changed over to a proper dog toilet but we needed to clean the concrete. We used urine free on the concrete and the smell is now gone. It has been 4 weeks and the concrete still smells lovely! i would 100% recommend this product.

Happy Customer

I am very pleased with the performance of Urine Free the results were better than I had expected! The battery powered hand pump/spray and u/v torch made the cleaning operation easy.
Follow the instructions carefully-- make sure you wet the spots completely, (do not use a fine spray) but more of a narrow stream, you will use more product but it will work!!

Waste of money

Product doesn’t eliminate urine when tested with their UV light.
Dogs continue to urinate in same place after UrineFree is applied.
Total waste of money.

Hi Dale,

I'm sorry you have not had a good experience with our product.
Can I just ask if you have used urineFREE or backyardFRESH?
The review was for your purchase of backyardFRESH 5L which is a long lasting deodoriser. backyardFRESH does not contain the enzymes and bacteria needed to break down the uric crystals as urineFREE does so the uric crystals will still be visible with the UV light it will not act as a deterrent to stop your doing re visiting there.



This product is worth the money. We tried it and will stick with it .Does the job it promises.Highly recommend.

How does urineFREE work?

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