Just as in any other public toilets, train passengers hate the smell of human urine odour when paying a visit to the bathroom.

Especially when restricted in close-quarter carriages, and travelling vast distances, urine odours can waft into the carriage, making for a very uncomfortable journey.    

Train station toilets can be just as bad. Not to mention station platforms that can have huge urine issues when regrettably some passengers have chosen to relieve themselves against the station’s walls!

Unbeknownst to train station cleaning staff, these unhygienic areas can go untreated for days, which can leave the whole station platform smelling of urine especially in humid and damp conditions.

Rail operators across the country have a responsibility to make sure that trains and stations remain clean and sanitary and this means that they need to be realistic about the effectiveness of their cleaning products and the cost of their cleaning budget.

In the past train cleaning staff have tried to remove the urine odour and urine stains with a range of cleaning products including chemical cleaners that simply contain a surface cleaning agent, temporarily masking the urine smell and removing the water soluble components of urine (urea and urochrome) but leaving behind the non soluble urine acid crystals that retain the urine odour and stain.

urineFREE® offers train operators across Australia a safe, effective and environmentally friendly solution to their urine problems.

urineFREE’s high quality bio-enzymatic formula "eats up" the uric acid crystals whilst removing the urea and urochrome components, eliminating both the urine stain and the urine odour FOR GOOD.

Many urine stains are invisible to the naked eye, yet certainly not to the nose. However, the source of the smell can often be difficult to trace.  urineFREE® Urine Detector solves this problem.

Using LED light technology, similar to the technology used by police forensic officers, the pocket-size torch will fluorescent dried urine in a darkened room, making it easy to identify and treat the right area. Then, after treatment, in accordance with the product directions, use the urineFREE Urine Detector again to check that you have removed it all.

urineFREE will ensure your passengers experience a urine free journey whilst giving train operators peace of mind that urine stains and urine odours are a problem of the past.

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