When travelling by train, plane, boat or car, urine affected surfaces are often found in public bathrooms, train station platforms and car seats to name a few.  Left untreated or simply not using the right product, these surfaces can lead to permanent urine stains and lingering odours.

No matter if travelling by road, track, sea or air, all travellers appreciate and expect clean, fresh, safe and hygienic conditions. Any transportation provider not meeting these expectations can not only open themselves up to potential liability risks and health and safety issues but could also influence our international image as a clean and hygienic nation.

Whilst urine is generally sterile it is still unpleasant and unhygienic. Urine odours and stains left untreated can not only potentially become a breeding ground for harmful microorganisms but urine can be spread by unsuspecting travellers touching urine affected surfaces such as floors, walls, doors, railings and bathroom fittings. And more often than not, unhygienic and smelly transport facilities can damage the traveller’s experience which can lead to bad reputations and loss of future custom for the transport provider.

Despite best intentions, most standard cleaners simply don’t remove the urine stains and odours completely.  Transportation providers need to be reasonable about cleaning budgets to ensure they use products that work rather than products that may be cheaper but just mask the problem.

urineFREE’s special bio-enzymatic formula eliminates the biological combination of urine – the urea, urochrome and mostly importantly the uric acid crystals (which retain the odour and the stain) –completely removing both the stain and the odour FOR GOOD.

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